Sunday, September 9, 2012

PACKAGING: Final Design Solution

Available on the market today, sunscreen packaging does not represent the epitome of high innovation, or that of an environmentally friendly solution. “Little feet” is an exciting, new form of sunscreen packaging that demonstrates a more sustainable approach to the way that sunscreen is packaged.

Within the design, the pump head is intended to be reused through the purchase of a foil-sealed bottle. Being economically appealing, the pump-less bottles would be marketed at a less-expensive cost than those packages which contain the pump head, acting as an incentive for consumers to adopt the sustainable use of the packaging. As the pump consists of over half of the material of the entire package, being 50.5 percent, it makes sense both economically and environmentally, to reduce the amount of material and energy consumed within manufacture.

While being innovative through the design of a recyclable and reusable package, the product aesthetics also represent a unique form within the current sunscreen packaging market. Being targeted towards parents for use on their children, the package demonstrates a level of sophisticated aesthetics that appeal to both the parent and child. The clear material, Polyethylene Terephthyalate, allows the consumer to see the product, to add an element of excitement to ‘sunscreen time’ for children, as they are able to watch the contents make their way through the package while it is being operated.

The size of the package was resolved to be one that fits nicely both on a bench top and in the hands of a child. With full-time use, the contents would last for over a month. Being compact and spillage-free, the package can be transported around to children's outdoor activities, such as weekend sport, or just remain within the home as a more aesthetic package that other sunscreens.



  1. This is a really interesting approach to something that has already been done quite well. I think that you managed to take it that step further and the encouragement to reuse the pump is a really good idea to shape the way these pumps are perceived. It would be great if this caught on and became a standard.
    my only concern is that there isn't a huge emphasis on benefits effecting children. So maybe that would have been something to focus more on in the posters.
    overall great job the posters look really good and the product is very well resolved, well done.

  2. I like this design you have created. I think it is simple, clean and appropriate for that age group. I think there are alot of mother out there that would love this product.
    I think the graphics are great and the boards are amazing.
    My only criticism would be can you take it too the beach? If you put it in your bag would it leak everywhere? or would u have to push down (let sunscreen out) and turn it? Is there a better way of shutting it off??
    otherwise great job :)

  3. Your poster is extremely stand out from one of those i have seen today. The posters are well communicated with full of information needed. i like the way to design your problem/ solution poster, very easy to read and understandable. I love your design too, very sustainable.
    However i just concern one thing about the shape of the bottle, it is getting smaller to the top, it may slip out the hand quite easy. I reckon to have a lightly curve in or grips . But it is just a very small detail. Your Communication is amazing .

  4. I like the color of your poster because they are simple, bright and easy to read. The arrangement of your poster is very well organised so I can get to know your product very quickly. These four posters fully demonstrate how your product works and how they can be recycled after use. However, I have one little concern is the container can get dirty if the creamy trickled down the main body of container.

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  6. Amazing work Helen! It's clear to see that you've obviously put so much work into this concept and it has certainly paid off. It's great that you've thought about sustainability and the impact of its production has on its environment. I think you'll do really well in the competition :)