Sunday, September 9, 2012

Focus Group Analysis

In studio, we conducted a focus group to gain valuable feedback on our design.  Issues within the design were raised, with the aim of realising strategies that could be used to overcome these issues.

Issues, difficulties, problems found with the design and posters:

  • Unsure where to hold packaging to operate it.
  • Too big - not portable enough.
  • Coloured packages not linked to a particular content.
  • Poster fonts not bold and therefor difficult to read.

Strategies to address issues found:

  • Design more portable by reducing the size.
  • Create different colours specific to content, for example waterproof, babies, sport.
  • Perhaps create an indent in the shape of the package to suggest where to hold it.

The focus group was an invaluable way of determining the weaknesses of the design that would lead to its misuse or misunderstanding of the intended use, with appropriate solutions to the problems that arose.

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