Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Task 2: My Design Career

I have always been a person inspired by design. The way an idea can be transformed into a three dimensional object of all types of materials and working parts. Product design captivates me. I am not only interested in the aesthetic of a design, I am forever pulling things apart to figure out how they were created. Looking at the shape and texture. The different materials that were used, and why. Figuring out how the designer accommodated particular target audiences.

But I do not simply take interest in destroying products. Drawing and building things have always consumed a majority of my spare time. I enjoy the design process. The deconstruction of a problem and expansion of ideas to make a design realised within a three dimensional form. When with the creation of a product, you can sit back and admire all your hard work.

It is this love for creating things that has stimulated me to propell myslef towards a career as an industrial designer. I have grown up forever sketching on scraps of paper and designing solutions to self-assigned briefs. Turning my ideas into objects of all sorts. And it seems that I have found a career that was almost personally designed to encompass all of the different aspects of practical creativity that I enjoy to engage myself within.

The offer of studying industrial design at the University of New South Wales was an opportunity that would not pass me by. It is the environment where I will gain all of the skills necessary to come out into the world as a budding designer. I am keen to gain the knowledge that will allow me to undergo the design process at a professional level, where one day my own designs will be realised within the world of design and commercial market.



  1. Reading what you have written definitely gives an insight into your aspirations in becoming a designer. Your ability to be interested in the aesthetics and the inside components of a product provide a very imminent reason to the love of design. You write with poise and self belief making you an aspiring designer.

  2. You are an excellend writer wow your post sounds so mature compared to mine haha you make such ordinary tasks such as drawing and building sound amazing you are going to make a kick-ass designer good luck :)

  3. I think that reading this makes it very clear that you are somewhere you really wanted to be and thats great. I think that after reading this it is so clear that doing industrial design and becoming a desgner was something that really suites you and your interests.

  4. It is obvious you have passion for design, it is clear that id is for you. I like how you mention that your proactive, you enjoy the whole design process. Very well written!

  5. from reading your post it pretty clear that this course yearns to have you within its realm, i hope your journey goes smoothly